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As a part of the Spirit Awards program, select students from Cal State San Bernardino's annual Student Fast Pitch Competition are invited to make a 90-second pitch of their promising business venture idea to the audience! During the televised program you will hear a pitch from five (5) students delivering the most promising idea. The top student pitch awarded first place will receive a $4,000 dollar cash prize!

The Fast Pitch Competition has received rave reviews from attendees of the Spirit Awards event, who praise the students' preparation, poise, and professional presentations. Past Fast Pitch students have received investment from audience members, go on to compete (and win) in larger competitions and launch their ventures.

2023 Garner Holt Fast Pitch
2023 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Samuel Moreno, SPIKED
2nd Place - Jeramy Sanchez, Business Spanish Solutions
3rd Place - Ana Gonzalez, Bake with Me

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Samuel Moreno, Jocelyn Paz, Ana Gonzalez, Jeanne Gonzalez, Jeramy Sanchez

2022 Garner Holt Fast Pitch
2022 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Sadé Harper, HeadZZZup
2nd Place - Jennifer Dring, Greenfills
3rd Place - Juliana Garcia, Pumps and Curls

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Juliana Garcia, Steve Abbott, ? , Sadé Harper, Jennifer Dring

2021 Garner Holt Fast Pitch
2021 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Chris Han, WeSync
2nd Place - Aaron Brill, Asset Brilliance
3rd Place - Monica Lozano Mesa, Water Wall-e

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Aaron Brill, ? ,David Shirley, Monica Lozano Mesa, Chris Han

2020 Garner Holt Fast Pitch
2020 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Emma Biland, Bracelet Bodyguard
2nd Place - Matthew List, 1Knock
3rd Place - Misty Lopez, She Me

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Abbott, Emma Biland, Matthew List, Misty Lopez, Garner Holt

2019 Garner Holt Fast Pitch
2019 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Jonathan Stoneking, Halo Mouse
2nd Place - Victoria Zachary, Cloud 9
3rd Place - Alexander Watkins, Stoggo

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonathan Stoneking, Victoria Zachary, Alexander Watkins, Garner Holt

Fast Pitch Winners - 2018
2018 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Nicole Lundquist, SenSavory
2nd Place - Alondra Martinez, MistBrella
3rd Place - Abdoullah Kabbaj, Vibranova

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Abbott, Nicole Lundquist, Abdoullah Kabbaj, Alondra Martinez, Garner Holt

Fast Pitch Presenters - 2017
2017 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Henessey Soto, Balm Strips
2nd Place - Mai Temraz, Lily Pads
3rd Place - Lisa Tucker, Sci-Art Camp
4th Place - Lesley Gamby, Global Frites
5th Place - Brandon Bachman, Mission Control

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mai Temraz, Henessey Soto, Lisa Tucker, Lesley Gamby, Brandon Bachman

Fast Pitch Competition 2014
2016 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Joelle Passerello, The Shake & Go Remote
2nd Place - Jonah Michaels, EZchange
3rd Place - Mario Perez, Echo Radio

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Garner Holt, Jonah Michaels, Joelle Passerello, Mario Perez, Steve Abbott

Fast Pitch Competition 2015
2015 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Matt Acuna, Hauler
2nd Place - Hanah Khaled, Infusion
3rd Place - Mike Savicky, Leak Solution
4th Place - Kevin Morey, Lush Garden Nutrients
5th Place - Navy Miech, Cool Blueware

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kevin Morey, Navy Miech, Hanah Khaled, Matt Acuna, Mike Savicky

Fast Pitch Competition 2016
2014 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Jesse Cruz, Kinetic Case
2nd Place - Summer Hadad, Unique Snacking System
3rd Place - Andrew Shaw, No Distraction

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Garner Holt, Jesse Cruz, Summer Hadad, Andrew Shaw, ?

Fast Pitch 2013 - Winners
2013 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Christine Law, ConvertMe
2nd Place - Brittany Choate, Infa-Sleep
3rd Place - Jonnell Tyler, Solar Solutionz

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonnell Tyler, Brittany Choate, Christine Law

Fast Pitch Presenters - 2012
2012 Fast Pitch Award Recipients

1st Place - Bobby Brendza, Rock & Roll Out Recycling Centers
2nd Place - Tedd Johnson, Effective Linguistics
3rd Place - Brittany Choate, EZ Advising
4th Place - Jose Navarrete, Lean and Mean Cafe & Grill
5th Place - Pat Person, Kids that Code

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Brendza, Brittany Choate, Garner Holt, Jose Navarrete, Tedd Johnson, Pat Person

The Student Fast Pitch Competition is generously supported by Garner Holt, Spirit Award recipient from 2006 (Technology Entrepreneur) and 2019 (Lifetime Achievement) and founder of Garner Holt Productions in Redlands. His support helps raise the profile of the program both on and off campus. "The fast pitch competition is a great event that encourages students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams," noted Holt. "I am delighted to lend my support to help take the event to the next level in terms of prestige and prize money for the students."

Garner Holt
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